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On June 4, 2013, DC unveiled two new digital comedian improvements to improve interactivity: DC2 and DC2 Multiverse. DC2 layers dynamic artwork onto digital comic panels, introducing a whole new volume of dimension to electronic storytelling, when DC2 Multiverse permits viewers to find out a particular story final result by picking unique people, storylines and plot developments when looking at the comic, meaning a person electronic comic has several outcomes.

The July 1972 DC titles featured a fresh circular logo. The letters "DC" had been rendered in the block-like typeface that could continue to be by afterwards brand revisions right until 2005. The title of the guide typically appeared Within the circle, both above or under the letters.

.. [T]he way I heard the story from Sol was that Goodman was fidgeting with on the list of heads of Impartial News, not DC Comics (nevertheless DC owned Independent News) ... Because the distributor of DC Comics, this person absolutely knew all the revenue figures and was in the top placement to inform this tidbit to Goodman. ... Needless to say, Goodman would wish to be enjoying golfing with this fellow and become in his excellent graces ... Sol labored intently with Independent Information' best administration over the many years and would've gotten this Tale straight in the horse's mouth.

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A 1966 Batman Tv set exhibit within the ABC network sparked A brief spike in comedian book sales, and a brief trend for superheroes in Saturday early morning animation (Filmation developed the vast majority of DC's initial cartoons) as well as other media. DC drastically lightened the tone of numerous DC comics—notably Batman and Detective Comics—to raised enhance the "camp" tone from the TV series.

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In 2005, DC released its "All-Star" line (evoking the title of the 1940s publication), meant to function a number of the company's very best-recognized characters in stories that eschewed the prolonged and convoluted continuity on the DC Universe.

The resulting influx of complex horror-fantasy material brought about DC in 1993 creating the Vertigo mature-visitors imprint, which did not subscribe into the Comics Code Authority.[36]

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